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Calling all Beast Academy users


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Now that all you Beast Academy guinea pigs have had some time to use this with your dc, what do you think?


poll coming....wait for it:001_smile:



I don't know why, but it didn't let me make my poll. I'll try again. Sorry!!!

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I would do a search of this board, there are several threads started that are similar.

We are only using it as a supplement and dd is doing along with me, not solo. With that said, we are enjoying it. I am finding it more logic problems and puzzles then a typical math curriculum. We are enjoying it though. I plan on using 3A and B this year and C and D next year. Dd is not the student BA is geared for, a math beasty, she struggles in math, but we work together to solve the problems. As of now she is enjoying it and even though it is hard for her she is enjoying it.

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