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Beach Vacation starts TOMORROW :D

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I can't wait. We have been planning this vacation since January and we are just beside ourselves excited to hit the road tomorrow! The kids haven't played on a beach since they were toddlers and boys were 4 or 5 themselves. Well, we walked on the beach in San Diego but walking on the beach just doesn't count for full out playing in the sand! We staying 7 nights, so it will be a nice vacation free of work and homeschooling :p


My only ugghhh is I can't find a swimsuit this time of year?! I have lost 15ish pounds and my old swimsuit falls off of me. Everything in our stores are picked over. I could find a bottom but not a top or a top and not a bottom, etc... Hoping there will be some stores still open near the beach with swimware or I am in trouble!!!

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