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Grade equivalent for SAT or ACT?

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Hi everyone. I just signed my daughter up for the ACT online test prep and she's doing her assessment now. I am wondering what approximate grade equivalency the ACT (and SAT) tests. For instance, is it knowledge that a senior should have? A junior? A college freshman?


I am going to use it to prepare for the ACT, but also to fill in holes in her knowledge base from being ill for three years.


Thanks in advance! :)

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The ACT and SAT are taken to determine college readiness, prior to applying for admission. Most students would take them at the end of their junior year, or very early senior year - they need the results back for their application, and those take a few weeks.


is it knowledge that a senior should have?
Math: mainly algebra and geometry, plus some very basic trig - so by middle of Junior year almost every college bound student should know the stuff.


English: Honestly, I would expect a 9th grader to have the semantics and grammar and reading comprehension that is tested; I do not include these topics in our high school English coursework anymore.


Science: the science section on the ACT does not test any actual science content; it is merely comprehension of passages, graphs and data tables. It does help if the student understands the science content of the question, but it is not strictly necessary.

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