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Oak Meadow, do you find you need to suppliment?


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Specifically math. I keep second guessing myself and I guess I will until the curriculum gets here! I used OM with my oldest dd when she was in third grade and we both loved it! She still talks fondly of it :) But I was afraid at the time it was too slow for her, she had been doing something vastly different before. Anyway, fast forward now I have ds in K and dd in 2nd and going to do OM with both of them. They are so artsy and love nature and hands on, sounds perfect for them. I'm worried about the math though. Do you find the need to suppliment? If you do, what do you use? I remember it taking up a bit of time with my dd before too and often just wished for a math consumable.

Or should I take a deep breath and just use the OM for a couple months and see how it works? Thoughts?

My alternative curriculum would have been FIAR (could have done it with both of them together, much easier) Mcruffy Math and Hooked on Phonics. I sure hope I made the right choice! I have to keep fighting the urge to buy both sets of curriculum!

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