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Calling for Russian speaking parents and kids


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Calling for Russian speaking parents and Russian speaking and non-speaking kids. By non-speaking kids I mean the kids who are Russian or half-russian, and don't speak almost any Russian, like my daughter, or very little Russian. Probably, no use in my plead, since everyone is very busy with there own schooling and other life struggles, but I wondered if we can get on together and help each other to teach Russian to our children. I can not get my daughter motivated enough, and our Russian doesn't move from the starting point anywhere into hopeful situation. And I don't have anybody locally - a few Russian parents close by don't want any Russian to be taught to their kids. Please, hear my cry, and help me. May be Russian study group? May be skype? Pen-pals? Anything at all? Don't know what to do. Lena, netsitesinc@yahoo.com

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Hi!  This was a WHILE ago, so maybe you're not interested, but if you want to try and have them Skype or something, I'd be down.. ours DO speak Russian (their father is from Russia and didn't speak English til somewhat recently and I worked for years as an interpreter Ru->En and En->Ru) although our oldest is a little hesitant, probably because his English comes so much more easily ;]


Anyway, feel free to msg back, I'd be willing to try it!



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