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  1. I am looking for American family who is homeschooling or just living in Russia with children right now to ask how they do the things there. I was offered a job in Russia by American company, but I am not sure how to figure whether it will be possible to manage living there, especially getting Ameican high school diploma, etc. We need diploma, not GED, because there is a possibility of going medical school there, and they won't accept GED or homeschool transcript. Please email me if you know somebody who does it. Lena
  2. If somebody uses k12 life science course or advanced one, please let me know what exactly is included into life science kit for labs. I already have a microscope, and there are a few items that I am not sure whether it's possible to buy or not like - i don't even know what it is - like: Transparencies (12) - what is it? Rhizobium bacteria - did not find where to buy. Is it a regular beans innoculand that you can buy from burpee, or a culture, I can't find it. I want to buy online course Life Science to go along with Earth Science. Life science - that is what she really loves, the Earth science - just barely likes, but we get it free with ORVA. She she thinks that science going to be really boring this year, unless we add a life science to it.
  3. My goal for her is to be very prepaired and able to solve anything that comes on the test. I do math for fun, but I am a workaholic and I don't know what else to do with myself otherwise than work. All I need is to make sure she will score well on SAT or what ever else she need to take and do her math courses in college well.
  4. I can try the samples from pdf file and see how she does it. She doesn't think that she is struggling. She thinks that she does very well. K12 made them think if they pass 80% on assessment test, it is all good. I think missing one problem out of any is a red flag.
  5. We don't have anybody homeschooling nearby. I have already tried the drill and kill curriculums. Feels like she can not understand the reason why we do this way and so on. The computation part is more or less mastered. She was never a mathy kid, but we did not have any problems until 6th grade.
  6. I looked at samples of aops prealgebra and liked it. I am in trouble with my student doing Math 6 from K12. It is not working and failing us. Even when she is able to solve the problem, she still doesn't have confidence and a slight variation in the problem scares her. Math becomes a big problem for us. We use many supplemental materials, still not going well. I was hoping that Aops gives more explanation without making the computations very long and tedious like K12 does. Also I would like to ask if somebody will be willing to sell their copy of aops prealgebra text and manual, I don't see any postings on classified, and I would like a price cheaper than on amazon. It is about 50$ for both books on amazon. Please email me at netsitesinc@yahoo.com.Lena
  7. About partial enrollment - they already refused me two times. K12 school agreed, but local school district did not. But this is only for socialization.
  8. And no, she is not dawdling, I am sitting next to her. To go through all the problems and assessments takes over 2 hours. That is why I can see she is not ready at all for the level. Obviously, it takes longer to think in Math, than average kid in 6th grade. For LA and Science she usually done answering anything before I even finish reading the question. But Math goes very hard.
  9. Do other parents get to know what problems were not solved on the test?
  10. Other two OAKs tests were 99%, this year it was 91% in Math and 99 % in LA and Science. No, she is doing math now only 1-2 hours, not 3-5. She is in 5th grade, and school did not allow her to attend 6th grade class connect, I had to ask about 5-6 times, still nothing. Because of test. She actually loves 6th grade Math teacher, she had the same teacher in math last year and was doing much better. This year she has math 6 course and class connect 5th grade, and there was some review. I am not blaming it on school, rather on myself. Obviously I did not ask her to practice well enough. Any way, I am stuck and looking for a magic curriculum that explains it all and gives just right amount of practice.
  11. What do you mean that Math mammoth doesn't match the standards? I don't think K12 matches it's own standards even. I printed test placement for the end of 5th grade K12, many types of problems that K12 examined on placement test for entering 6th grade were never studied it 4th an 5th grade. I was thinking of switching to Math Mammoth instead of K12, and just taking the lessons assessments for the public school. We tried CLE 5 after reading very positive reviews, did not click with me either. I had a very solid Russian Math education, there was no a single problem in any test that I would not answer. I went through college Math thinking that Math is the easiest subject on the planet. Seeing my daughter not being able 100% with not a single even mistake to answer any Problem within her grade lever terrifies me. I was hoping for Math mammoth to solve my problem. Now I will be working with her through every single problem in Russian Math 6 perpendicular press. But they say it's also aligned to standard only 70-80%. And exactly how much a student have to spend doing Math every day? We already have over two hours. Doing one k12 lesson from 6th grade book is taking about 3 hours for her, and it is still not mastered. I want to ditch the whole K12 curriculum, but I won't be able to keep up with discipline without somebody demanding from me, so I am afraid without it I will make even more mistakes. And she also wants to be a part of virtual school, I guess just for the sake of being a member of something, Go figure. Last year I tried to get part time enrollment to local school to help her to interact with kids mostly, but then school district refused and said they tried and had to many problems with homeschoolers.
  12. We have lost it somewhere in 5th grade. Many things were not taught or explained, or not practiced enough, and seems that 6th grade book asks for some higher intellectual maturity, big jump compare to 5th grade. I got her subscribed to online Reasoning Mind Russian curriculum to learn it all over. Looks like I have to reteach 5 th grade. My another concern is that many questions in k12 feel like they are there to get you, not straight forward. Or may be it's again only me. Anyway, I am sort of lost of what to do now, feel like I have to start Math 5 all over, and it is really hard to me now to get into her head to see what she actually knows. It used to be that I could look at the test and knew what she is going to answer and what not going to. Now I can't.
  13. We have been with k12 since K and we use math from saddler-Oxford until grade 4 and it was good. Then they created their own K12 math+ , and we used it from 4th to 6th, and now we are totally lost, confused, nothing explained, practically learned nothing and can't follow it. Total nightmare. Does anybody else have a very bad experience with K12 math, or it's just us. My daughter is in the middle of grade 6 math, and looks like we have to go back to the beginning of 5th grade and reteach everything.
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