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I can't figure out where to post this, but here goes, lol.


Anna (age 12, 7th grade) asked me today if she can start some in-depth research on careers in biology and/or zoology. I am fine with that, of course, but I really don't know how to help her. I never did much career research; I pretty much always knew I was going to be a nurse. This kid is the one who won't dissect anything for moral reasons and can't stand the sight of blood, but anyway...I want to help her with the research and let her decide. I know she's young, but I don't want to discourage her from thinking about her future. Actually I'd love to duck my head in the sand and pretend she is still a toddler, but that's not happening, huh? Might as well go with the flow.


Any advice about where to start? She has a passion for animals, specifically horses, but isn't considering veterinary medicine because of the above reasons. I'd love info on other specific career choices.


Also should I post this on another forum such as the high school board?

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