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typing instructor for kids-how to use this?


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I see nobody has answered you yet, so I will just share our experience. I bought this over a year ago now (they were only 8) and it was slow going at first. I did not assign anything but rather set the time they needed to work on it for 15 min a session. That turned out to be too much so I lowered it to 10 min and they had to do it every day for a while. I did supervise at first to make sure they had the correct finger placement though. We then stopped using it for several months and have recently started back up with it. Now that they are older, they seem have more patience and it seems to be going much easier. I also think there is more motivation because I have told them that when they are typing really well (set objectives to be determined -20 wpm maybe?) They can start to type their narrations vs write them out by hand.

I know you probably wanted a set plan with days of the week and times and then to know when they would finish right? I think it is really individual; that is totally determined by how quickly the student works, their fine motor skills, motivation and level of fatigue.

Good luck; I thought it was the best prog avail at the time and I am still happy with it.

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This is the third thread I've seen and honestly you are so not alone! The program seems very confusing.


Basically the best thing to do is to just let your children do it however they want. Do make sure they are placing their fingers properly. But other than that, the kids really will just move along and progress because of the fun design if the program.

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