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If you are from a science-oriented family, do you consider MP Astronomy enough for a year of science? I'm considering using this next year with a 3rd and 1st grader after we finish BFSU1. How long will it take to complete if we do lessons 2x/week? Would it be a good idea to supplement to make a more rounded space study, or will it be enough by itself?

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We are just finishing up the Astronomy book. The first three units are constellations: summer/fall, winter, spring. It covers their background stories (mostly via Greek Myths), how to find them, and their Latin & English names. The last unit covers planets, moons, comets, etc. You memorize the 15 brightest stars, the zodiac, the planets, and a poem called The Pleiades.


We work on the workbook one day and review one or two other days. You could definitely accelerate the course by doing Astronomy two or three days/week. There are no experiments, so it's simply open and go. Younger kids would have no problem doing the course, so I think it would be a good fit for your family.


If you have any other questions, let me know.



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