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Anyone have problems with Dreambox?


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My son has been enjoying doing lessons on Dreambox but there are two levels now that will not complete, they keep saying "in progress" no matter how many times it is completed. I have watched him do all the lessons and then even went over them myself a couple times lol. I just wrote them today so I am still waiting to hear back. Has this happened to anyone else?


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They wrote back so now I understand:)

Here is their reply-



As to your progress reporting issue, I have information to share with you on that as well. What you are encountering with the "In Progress" units are units that have separate but related pre-requisite units. While Diego has completed all of the lessons that are part of the beginning of the unit, there are more lessons that will be "unlocked" in that unit by completion of another related unit that may or may not be available to Diego yet.


To keep Diego moving forward "to the more challenging lessons" that you want, he needs to focus on completing the lessons that have the golden coin symbol. Those are the more challenging content that will continuously unlock and open up other content.


So that whole level looked completed to me and still said "in progress" but if you just skip that and keep moving forward and completing other levels( I guess especially the gold coin ones) then it will unlock more in that "in progress" level and you will go back and complete that. He has completed more levels in these past couple days and sure enough there are now more checks for him to complete :001_smile:

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