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  1. another socal girl here. taco shops on every corner in San Diego. No fancy places for me. Tacos come on real corn tortillas, soft or fried. oh I'm so hungry. Every place here says Authentic Mexican Food w/ a pic of taco bell taco shell. Kills me everytime.
  2. I'm surprised there are so many young kids(4-6) going in alone. I have four myself and they come with me until about 8 in busy public places. Even then I like them to buddy up. I am from a big city and many things happened in restrooms so I def. don't think the paranoia comment is that funny. If it's a changing room situation like the pool we just come dressed and our gym has multiple family rooms. The other day at the pool my husband went in w boys to use br and a man was Shaving butt naked at the middle sink. ok be naked, change, no biggy but shaving? At a pool? And the middle sink? Just did
  3. My ds went to school starting in 4th. When he left for 6th his friends all lived in zoning for diff. Middle school. He made friends easily, bullying was never an issue but him gettibg in trouble for talking was lol. Why else do they go to school except to "socialize?" Lol. There really is zero time for that or for teachers to go in depth when students have real questions. My son wants to come home next year. He realizes he can learn at his fast pace, have time to actually read, and do things he enjoys. Then when school lets out he can actually play with his school friends:)
  4. Great thread. I just asked how moms hs multiple kids and this is helping me SEE it. I don't think I'll be able to combine as my almost 12 year old thinks everything is a competition( always working with him on that) even though his brothers are 8,6, and 3. It's ridiculous:( I guess the point is to look for independent work for older kids and work with younger. Any books/ideas to help older one to be more encouraging to his brothers? Sorry to hijack :)
  5. They have these for every grade;) https://www.amazon.com/Making-Grade-Everything-Grader-Needs/dp/0764124803
  6. Kids will be in k,2nd-3rd, and 7th plus a 3 year old and newborn. Just trying to wrap my head around trying to have individual time with them? I know in a class there are 20 other students but at least they are all learning the same thing and there is no toddler getting into everything and a baby crying. Seasoned homeschool moms what are your tricks?
  7. I think my grip is good and I hold pencil properly not the whole hand like I've seen lefties on videos( not sure who could even right like that.) Have any links? Thanks
  8. I think it's a kid thing not a lefty issue. My son's are right handed and like to work bottom up. I am left handed and will say while I like to write it hurts my hand and I can barely go a paragraph without my hand hurting.
  9. I have seen pp say that 9-10 year olds learn about s## and std's at school but I guess each state is different because ours def. does not cover that for that age group. Boys/ girls are separate and still learning about puberty changes:) I don't think 11-12 is too late as long as they know about their body changes that are going to occer and to respect themselves they do not need to know the ins and outs of sex. Children are a lot more innocent than we give them credit for if we would let them be
  10. All reviews I have found that have used both say they are pretty much the same in the end result. After looking through all the reviews I ended up just going by looks and the size and chose blendtec. Also, both are made in the the U.S. w/ Blendtec at 75% American parts and Vitamix at 70%.
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