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For Visually Interesting than MUS Primer for Kindy?


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I need something else I think for dd. Honestly I've never even really researched math curriculums. We pulled ds out of public kindy halfway through the year, I had never planned on HSing, someone suggested MUS and it works awesome for ds (now in the delta level) so I never looked elsewhere.


I assumed dd would like it too but just 3 weeks into kindy I can see it's not appealing to her. She likes workbooks and she likes them to have color and to be visually interesting - all stuff that distracts my ds.


I'm thinking I'd like a spiral math for her as I see her going to public school in the next 1-3 years - preferably something we can stick with for the long haul, I don't like switching programs around.


ETA: she understands the concepts of numbers but does not have good number recognition yet (6, 8, and 9 usually stump her) and can count up to 29 at this point so we definitely need a kindergarten or maybe even a pre-k level curriculum right now. She's a young 5, just turned 5 at the end of July.

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Singapore is good and I really like it until about level 3. They explain the 4 operations very clearly but once you get to fraction work there is not enough review for most kids. By then she may be ready to give up the color for clear clean pages that explain how to do the math and plenty of practice so that she learns the concepts and you can switch her back to MUS.:001_smile:

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