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virtual call center jobs as part time income?

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I was reading through some old threads last night trying to gather some info on earning some extra income.

The virtual call centers seems to be popular right now. Does anyone do this successfully? How much money can one expect to make working part time (evenings)?

Do all of them require credit checks? (that might be a problem for me :( )


Also, I'd appreciate any other suggestions for extra income :bigear:

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A friend of mine does work for liveops. She's been doing it for several years. I'm not sure how much she makes - a lot depends on the particular campaign she works on, the time slots she works, etc.


Are you limited to something you have to do completely from home? Are you open to some sort of party plan business like Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Usborne, etc.? What about a regular part time job at a store? Stores will be looking for seasonal workers soon...

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I've thought of Scentsy. I've done quite a few direct sales companies already without much luck (I wind up spending more than I make:glare: )


I'm open to working outside my home but my hours are limited to mostly after 5 or 6pm at night. We have no options for childcare and DH doesn't get home til later.


I've thought about doing childcare in my home but I already have two babies plus homeschooling plus ds8's special needs that require me to be his "shadow" all day long. (we may put him in school which is another reason I need more income....we need to be able to pay for an advocate/attorney to get the services he needs)


I also need to make more than minimum wage (overall) because it needs to be worth my while, yk?


I would love to do some sort of transcription/data entry type job from my computer late at night but those jobs seem hard to find.

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