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Record planners

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I just had a thought. (yes, that was the breeze you felt)


I'm not a planner. I'm not a record planner, I'm not a curric planner, I write a master list and off we go.


But, what if the real beauty of any sort of planner isn't about where you want to go, but to be able to browse through to see where you've been? I save some of my children's work (cause it's so darned cute!) for them for when they get older, but I thought that perhaps every once in a while, I might have them keep their own records (in their own hand) for posterity's sake?


Do any of you do this and how do you go about it?

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Well........I sometimes think I'm really uptight. What I do is make my weekly lesson plans (I know, I know, he's only 6 but again see the uptight comment). I write everything in a teacher's lesson planner. Then I take my four highlighters and highlight each day. It worked better when we did four day weeks, but now that we're doing five day weeks, the color from monday has to be reused on Friday.


So with each day having an assigned color, everything we get done that day gets highlighted with the appropriate color. That let's me know where we left off (I'm so spacey and forgetful, I couldn't just do it by memory), and let's me see what we've done and on what day. For example, everyday I schedule two math sheets. If he only gets one finished on Monday, it gets highlighted with Monday's color. If he finishes the second one on Tuesday, even though it's in the Monday square, it gets the Tuesday color.


So far, this hasn't proved useful at all except to my potentially OCD brain. It gives me enormous comfort to know that I *could* go back and look at it whenever I wanted.


I save all of our papers in folders. I'll see what to do about those later. All his Kindergarten work is in a three ring binder in a box. I'm hoping that at the end of this year I can make a photo album yearbook with pictures of the projects we did.

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