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I am a novice afterschooler (Our Story)

Guest Robin4Ascii

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Guest Robin4Ascii

Student enrolled multi-schools

I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this group and now this specific forum, searching for homeschooling support resources.


I posted earlier to the wrong forum and now I found the group that matches my situation. was wondering if any one else has been or is in a similar situation of enrolling your child in multiple schools or supplementing day school with home instruction. I would love to hear about other family's experiences, tips and traps, time-management strategies and working with a teenager's ADHD.


My story.

This is my first year homeschooling while my 10th grader is also enrolled full-time in a regular CCC day school.

She is also enrolled for a 1/2 unit Driver's Ed @ online, public school; and I am HSing her for credit recovery (Algebra 1 and 9th grade English).


For this credit recovery homeschooling curriculum, we use (as directed):



  • SAXON Algebra and
  • G4W (Grammar for Writing - Blue (9th gr))
  • with EWCO (Everyday Words of Classical Origin) for spelling and vocabulary
  • supplementing with the day school's assigned Literature readings


I coached her for the first time this summer with HSing for credit recovery in Religion using the same series as her high school. I say coach but it was generally self-directed. I set the schedule and graded the quizzes.




This is my third time using multi-school enrollment. She supplemented her middle years with online Math instruction (gr 4-6). It made a tremendous difference with catching her up. The last two years, I supplemented her math instruction using IXL.com for online skill drills by micro sub-topics and grade. However, she developed extreme text anxiety for many of her classes because of the overwhelming amount of homework required and a lack effective instruction (pacing, scaffolding, no projects) that she had become accustomed to in public school.



I wanted her to have a faith-based high-school education in a smaller setting than our community's three 2,000 student warehouses ... oops I mean high school.



This is how it came about that my daughter is thrice enrolled. I am dreading Algebra simply because now I will have to teach her instead of the online course doing most of the work.



Daughter, ADHD; "B/C" student; Gr 10 Multi-Schooled: FT(CCC hschl) ; PT(HSing); PT(online @MU hschl) http://RrcHubbard.org


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