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Need Afterschooling Writing Curriculum

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My 9 year old (5th grade) daughter just received her STAR test results. Some of her scores were low:


Literary Response and Analysis 67%

Written Conventions 56%

Writing Strategies 73%

Writing Applications Score 75%


These scores have gotten lower and lower over the last few years and we need to reverse that.


I am looking for curriculum/workbook/online program that will help her become more proficient and score in the 85th percentile next testing period (spring). I don't care if its religious or secular. My biggest concern is how much time is required for me to do it. I have 5 children and am short on time. I would prefer a program that would allow her to do the work on her own. I am thinking of getting something at grade 4 level since she clearly hasn't succeeded in that area yet.


Any suggestions?

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