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x -post; gonna brag, 7 y/o dd loves to read!!


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This is huge for me, huge for us!! I struggled sooo much last year as a new hs mom. My oldest dd was wayyyy ahead in reading - one of those kids who taught herself. But my younger dd, just hated reading, really struggled with phonics, etc.

She is now 7 months into vision therapy, and huge differences!! She said to me today, "Mommy, I love to read now - I can see the words". She is really taking off with reading. It is such a wonderful feeling, such a wonderful sight. She still has a way to go, but we are heading in the right direction.

Just wanted to say, thanks for letting me brag about her.:)


Thanks again to those of you who really helped me get going with her in the right direction - if I ever see some of you in person, I am going to give you a huge hug!!!

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