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Positives in Special Needs

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My son has severe Sensory Processing Disorder. I've just started homeschooling him, and already I can tell that I can just throw all my carefully-laid plans out the window. Last night we went to his favorite restaurant and ended up leaving mid-meal with him screaming and kicking and gagging (extreme sensitivity to odors) and getting plenty of unsympathetic stares. The SPD interferes in almost every area of his life. It's why we are homeschooling.


I've had such up and down emotions as I've tried to help him in every way possible. Honestly, sometimes I really just feel so sorry for him. Sometimes for the family. Sometimes just for myself.


But sometimes I really do see blessings in his special needs. And I really need to concentrate on that right now, and thought it might be uplifting to hear how others have been blessed or find the positive in their children's special needs. (I don't mean to belittle the difficulties or challenges of special needs at all, but just to focus on the amazing positives that are present too.)


Anyone game? I'll start:


1) My son's SN has helped me to see the amazing courage and patience he has on a daily basis.


2) I have been able to witness compassion and understanding in my older children that I didn't know they possessed.


3) I've discovered patience in myself I didn't know I possessed.


4) I've started learning so much about SPD and ASD and I feel like I now know enough to be helpful to parents just starting out down this trail.


5) I wouldn't have looked into homeschooling if it hadn't been for my son's SPD, and I am truly so excited to be able to do this with my son!

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I feel like my kids special needs have forced me to grow so much as a person, more patient, more empathetic, better at seeing what people really need from me vs what i want to give them. Even my daughter, who says mostly only negative things about her special needs brother, admitted it came in handy when she was a TA at a tech camp and she was one of the best at handling the most challenging kids.

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