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Literature Suggestions wanted

Deb in NZ

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My 16yod will be starting Trisms EOC this month & I am wanting to get a list of literature for her to read. EOC suggests 1 book (historical fiction or biography) for every 2 units. The suggestions in the teacher's manual seem quite young. What would you suggest for the following topics:


1. Maya (100BC-AD 1000)

China--Ch'in (221-171 BC)

China--Han (171 BC-AD 220)


2. Persia (530-323 BC)

Hellenic Greece (232-146 BC)

Sparta (600 BC-AD 396)

Athens (700 BC-AD 404)


3. Alexander the Great (336-323 BC)

Macedon (359-323 BC)

Mauryan Empire of India (321-183 BC)


4. Roman Republic (500-30 BC)

Roman Empire (30 BC-AD 476)


5. Germanic Tribes (200 BC-AD 430)

Celts (750 BC-AD 50)

Early Christians (AD 33-500)


6. Byzantine (AD 313-1453)

Early Middle Ages (AD 500-1050)

Vikings (AD 700-1100)


7. Islam (AD 600-945)

Moors of Spain (AD 716-1492)

Romanesque (AD 1000-1150)

Feudal / Monastic


8. High Middle Ages (AD 1150-1300)

China--T'ang (AD 618-906)

China--Mongol (AD 1100-1368)


9. Japan (660 BC-AD 1300)

Russia (AD 862-1589)



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See here: http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/100.html for the Western civ works. I've liked this site, although I haven't visited in a while.


Here's another great books list that combines works from the East and West in chronological order: http://thegreatbookslist.com/greatbooklist2.html and http://thegreatbookslist.com/greatbooklist3.html. (Same site but you need both for your time periods.) Don't know who the guy is who runs this site and I haven't had time to look through the list thoroughly, but you'll recognize quite a few works on the list, so it's not way out there. Plus, most great books lists do not include Eastern works. (His site also includes great books lists by Bloom and Adler.)

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