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teaching character discernment/anti-bullying


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I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any books/resources to explore with our children to help them engage issues of character discernment and bullying. We've recently moved into a neighborhood with some pretty mean kids. they will be really nice and lure our children to play with them and then turn nasty and then be nice again. Very manipulative behavior. our children are young (4 and 6) so we don't let them play with these kids alone and are constantly trying to coach our kids and help them discern the reality. we think forbidding our children to spend time with these other kids would do more harm than anything since our kids really want to play with them (our kids do have other healthy children that they play with -just not in the neighborhood). we ultimately see this as an opportunity for our kids to learn character discernment while we as parents are still close by to help them navigate. we are growing weary however of the daily drama and would love to bring some good books in to facilitate more conversation. any suggestions???? thanks in advance if you read this whole long post : )

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