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  1. I'm looking for a book to teach cursive that is both simple to use and a beautiful style of cursive. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Thank you all so much! I really needed to hear some fresh ideas, and to know that others have been there. I will stand firm and press on!
  3. I really need some advice right now as I am feeling really heartbroken over some friend issues my dd7 is having. She spends a lot of time with our neighbor, a girl her own age. But this friend has lots of issues and doesn't treat people right, doesn't respect her parents, lies, sneaks etc. I have always been uncomfortable with this friend but my dd is so social and it is impossible to keep them away from each other unless we were to flat out forbid them playing together. My sweet, kind, respectful little girl is starting to take on some of these bad qualities of her friend. She is suddenl
  4. Watching the whole video in the class period is how it would have to work since I wouldn't want to ask everyone to make that investment so they could watch at home though that would be ideal. The video segments seem long - like 45 minutes, which is too much for a co op setting. But, I really want the extra support of Mr. P. Teach and I hear that kids love him. I just don't feel like I can get enough information to make the best decision without buying it and actually previewing it. . .
  5. I am trying to decide between these two for a co-op class next year. Can anyone point me to the best place to find IEW reviews or offer your own? Thanks! I am a part of their yahoo group for co-op teachers but haven't found much in the way of specific reviews. My main concern is that SWI will take too much time watching the video. All things fun and fascinating seems very well laid out for a co-op setting but puts more on the teacher for presenting new information. This will be my first year so I like the idea of the videos. . .can't decide!
  6. I am wondering if it is normal to have a lag between mastering spelling lessons and this translating into everyday writing. My dd7 is constantly misspelling words in her writing that I know she knows how to spell. I would love to see these spelling skills integrating a little more. Anyone have suggestions or do I just need to be patient? We are using and loving AAS. Thanks!
  7. Any recommendations for early readers (~grade 1 level) without pictures. I think the pictures are a big distraction and I want to try dd reading books without pictures. . . Thanks!
  8. Thank you all so much! I really needed this encouragement on a day when my dd's ps neighbor friend made my her feel really small, "behind" and on the outside. I love that this community can respond so swiftly and remind me that these are some of the very reasons we homeschool. I definitely have moments of weakness where I lose sight. Blessings all!
  9. Hi, I wonder how many of you out there struggle with the social aspects of homeschooling. We are a part of a co op that meets once a week and while that is something, I still feel like my children are not developing socially as I would have expected. They are young (5&7) but I feel like they are behind their ps peers in terms of social awareness - a bit naive I guess. On one hand, I think this is beautiful and sweet, but I am a bit concerned about this trend over the years. . . Anyone else struggle with this? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much your thoughtful response has encouraged me :)
  11. This is so helpful. Thank you! Looking at the Barton website, I am thinking she might have a mild form of dyslexia. I feel so silly for not putting the pieces together sooner. It makes sense though that I have naturally gravitated towards curriculum that are good for dyslexia. . . I did a little research and it looks like an evaluation will cost over $2000. Ouch! Do I have any other options for evaluation? I am going to check those books out from the library - they look great! Do children with dyslexia tend to have better success homeschooling? I am totally willing to do my part a
  12. My dd 7 has struggled with reading from the very beginning. She now has an excellent knowledge of phonics (thanks to AAS and IEW's PAL) but she still really struggles with using her knowledge for reading (I'm guessing the problem lies in decoding but am not sure since she has the knowledge). I'm looking for resource suggestions both to educate myself on learning/reading challenges and to help her develop decoding skills. Also, at what point would you recommend having an evaluation done, and where do I turn for that. I'm not really wanting to go the public school route, but I also want to g
  13. I second educationunboxed.com. I watched some of the videos one night and had light bulbs going off in my head like fireworks! It was great and I am now excited to revisit some of the mental math stumbling blocks we encountered. We are also switching to MM from SM.
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