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Sonlight Reader Package Grade 4


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Considering my following picky criteria, are there any books you'd tell me to leave out when I order??


I like to steer away from the "I hate my sibling... Oh, they're so embarrassing... Who wants to play with their sister?" stuff. If it's one comment or 2 and it's an awesome book otherwise, I could deal. But if it's a common theme, I don't want my kids to read it.


I like to steer away from anything that would disturb my kids. My son has read The Viking Adventure which he loved, and I would say is a kid's murder mystery (?). But the way it was done, it wasn't real gory or night-mare inducing or heartbreaking. For an example of what I did think was too much was a Sonlight read-aloud called Mary on Horseback which was (at the time anyway) in Core K (!!) and mentioned stillborn babies, women dying during childbirth, etc. :001_huh: I thought that was over the line for kids that young, and I wouldn't even want to discuss that heart-breaking topic with my 4th grader unless I had to.


Knowing this, I was hoping those familiar with the SL Grade 4 books could give me some thoughts on any we might not appreciate.


Here is the list of books: http://www.sonlight.com/4RP.html




And on a slightly different topic, are there any other great books I should throw on the list?? Is Heidi a little too hard for a kid who can read on a late 3rd grade / early 4th grade level?



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