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Have you used The DK First Animal Encyclopedia


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For the year 1 science? The sample pages on Amazon look pretty simple, but I figured we could add in some DVD's and library books. If you have used this and/or the Human Body one I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


Edited to add: This would be for grades 2 and 4.

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this is the exact one we had. It is perfect for my girls that are 7 (but they need assistance reading it) my boys can read it easily and have probably read it front to back. They really enjoyed it as well. I think they would have enjoyed more animals included. There were several they wanted to learn more about that weren't included in this one. I don't regret the purchase.


We have the human one as well and we are tickled pink as well. If you are conservative christian I think there may be one or two paragraphs to sharpie out due to evolution stated as fact. Other than that, it is quite neutral. It does not hold my younger girls attention as much as my older boys and it has not been read front to back.. but I dropped the ball in these studies.

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