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Where to get "learn how to sew" online help?

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I'm breaking out my sewing machine after nine years in the closet!!


I was a beginner at sewing back in the day, took a 9 week sewing class, made a few easy things, even some basic curtains...then had two more children, began homeschooling, etc etc...and nine years later......I could barely remember how to thread the machine, lol! I found a YouTube video on that, once I watched it , it came back to me.


I've just got to get some fabric and thread now, lol. Once I get it threaded, it will be easy enough to sew a straight line, and I'm probably going to start out with something simple, like cloth napkins for Thanksgiving or something.


But beyond that, where can I get some simple beginner, step-by-step instructions on different sewing things, ie how to do corners, how to apply ribbons, etc.


I know there's a whole wide world out there, almost too much to wade through. Any suggestions of good sites?

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My suggestion is to browse Etsy and find some very beginner sewing patterns. I see lots of them for infant clothing and women, things like tunics and skirts. Look for a pattern that says it's for a beginner -- when in doubt, message the seller and ask him or her what steps are involved in the pattern. They should tell you things like: straight stitch, backstitch, sewing a curve, basting stitch, ruffles/gathering, button holes, installing a zipper, etc. (I know some of those things are probably more advanced than what you're ready for at the moment, but I'm just trying to give you an idea of what to ask and what the seller should tell you).


I've been pleasantly surprised by the patterns I've purchased on Etsy. They seem to always come with 20, 30, even 40+ pages which include instructions and color photographs showing you exactly what to do next.


Good luck and happy sewing!

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