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Please help re: lemon juice in peach preserves/jam

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Does anyone know for sure why lemon juice is listed as an ingredient in peach jam or preserves? The preserves from my old family recipe were very dark--and we like them that way. I made some yesterday, adding in the lemon juice, and they are very light colored.


If the lemon juice is there just to prevent color change, I think it is safe to leave it out. But if it is there to raise the acidity to a safe level, then I am scared to leave it out. I can't find the information in any of my resources.


I plan to make more today, and I don't know waht to do!!:001_huh:


Thank you so much,


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Thanks for the info! That gives me something to think about, because preserves are supposed to be in a runnier syrup than jam. If I leave out the lemon juice, it might help it be more like it is supposed to be.


Virginia Dawn, ds loves fruit syrup. Wanna send some over? He would think it was absolutely wonderful :)

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