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If you've used Music of the Hemispheres


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Can you please help me with a question? I'm looking at the Battle Dwarves poem by MCT on page 103. He says it is in dactylic tetrameter. I see 8 syllables per line. I thought a line of dactylic tetrameter would have 12 syllables per line? I need to be able to explain the dactylic tetrameter in the poem, and I'm a bit stumped myself.


Can anyone help me out? I must be missing something. I thought I had somewhat of a handle on meter, but now I'm totally confused.


If you can help me out, I'd be really grateful!


Ex of first line:

Down the mountain dwarves came tramping,


eta: is it just an example of modifying the meter so that isn't a perfect example of dactylic tetrameter? Maybe the first two feet in each line are dactylic? Gah! I'm getting myself very confused.

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I finally registered for the forums at Royal Fireworks Press.


I was able to find an old post that referenced the poem I asked about in the post above.


Yes, it is trochaic tetrameter. Absolutely. I actually thought that we had corrected that long ago, so I am glad that you noticed it. I will forward this to Tom at Royal Fireworks to be corrected or checked in the very next revision of Music. Best, mct




I just thought I'd update in case anyone searches here for info on it.

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