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Physics & Chemistry help

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Hi ladies,


I was planning on my ds taking Physics at the local co-op & just found out that the class is full, so I'm trying to figure out my options. Our plan was to do things out of the normal order due to when they were offering classes. So, it was going to be Physics in 10th, Biology in 11th & Chemistry in 12th.


I have never taken Physics or Chemistry so now I'm trying to decide if I figure out a way to do Physics this year at home so we can stay with the plan in the future or just go a totally different route.


If I do Physics at home what are you suggestions for curriculum that would be possible to get through without any knowledge on my part? Also if I don't stick to the our first plan I also need suggestions for Chemistry. What about doing labs for these at home?


Ds will probably go on to college or a tech school, some of his interest include mechanics (not engineering). He does not enjoy science & is an average student but easily overwhelmed.


Thanks for your help!

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With that, I would think that if you go with physics first, you'll need a conceptual course. There are some well recommended here, but we haven't used them. I recommend Apologia for a student who wants to self-study, but I would start with biology - not physics, because of the math.


This link may help with what math is usually needed for the Apologia courses:


Unless the co-op is exceptional, I wouldn't choose the science sequence based on the availability of their classes, especially since they didn't have an opening for your son this year. Do you know what text they're using? If your son is friends with someone in the class, maybe he could try to do the same text and chat with the friend and maybe do some labs together. The instructor might be willing to share her syllabus with you. But it would have to be a course which doesn't require math beyond algebra I.

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The co-op is using Conceptual Physics so he only needed Alg. 1 for that. I understand what you are saying & we may be better off just doing Biology this year instead of trying to stay with the same schedule as the co-op even though it would mess it up for other years too.


If we do decide to try to stay on that schedule, does anyone have any other good suggestions for me other than Apologia? We did Apologia General & Physical Science & he did not like them at all.

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I would probably go with Conceptual Physics. That's what I'm using with my youngest for this next schoolyear.


I found a website that said that only Algebra I was required for Holt Physics, but then I found another that said Algebra II had to be taken concurrently.

Grades: 11, 12

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Textbook: Holt Physics ©2006

Supplemental resources: gizmos


Physics is an elective course designed for upper-level learners or college-bound students. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Newton’s laws of motion, forces and vectors, work and energy, momentum, vibration and waves, and the study of the characteristics of light and sound.


There is a strong laboratory component to this course, which consists of at-home, hands-on investigations, and online virtual labs. There are also many interactive, inquiry-based activities built into the coursework.

Did you ever wonder where you could actually use all that math from Algebra II class? This course uses Algebra II level math to relate matter, motion, and energy. Expect laboratory activities to measure, analyze, and predict the physical world around us. Also, expect problem solving activities with extensive use of mathematics. Areas covered: classical mechanics, heat, wave phenomena, and electricity.


Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra II


Credit(s): 1


Open to Grade(s): 11 and 12


Text: Holt Physics; a graphing calculator is required for this course

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If there's any chance that someone would drop out of the co-op class, that would be a good reason to use the same text and to try to keep to the same schedule as then he could easily join in when there's an opening. There's lots of threads here about Hewitt Conceptual Physics. This is an older one, but it might be of help. Hope someone who has used this or another physics program will give you some suggestions. :)

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