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Usborne First Encyclopedia vs Enc of World History?


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Hi Everyone,


I will be using Winter Promise HIH, and I think it lists an old encyclopedia I can't get anymore anyway, so was looking at these two.


You can see the ages of my kids below (preschool (smart, happy, fits most learning styles), pre-k(poss. ASD/SPD, audio/visual, limited vocab) & Grade 1 (Visual, Project-based learner, naturally very curious), they are very VISUAL children. I have gotten multiple encyclopedias from the library, and they prefer ones with snippets of information and lots of pictures (they're only young, very fidgity etc)


Right now all we have is an Usborne Pocket Encyclopedia of World History, which although contains snippets, misses out on many things it seems.


We are looking at these two:


Usborne First Enyclopedia of History


Usborne Encyclopedia of World History


ETA: Also Found The Little Book of History


We are just after something for this year, so am not bothered by "longetivity" of the enyclopedia. I just want something they can all look at and take something away from, so something visual with simple information.


If you have any other suggestions, I am all ears. I am hoping to purchase this tommorrow (very late at night here) so will check back in the morning :D


Thank you :grouphug:

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