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HOD-Preparing Hearts -list of items needed

Gisele Marie

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I agree that the Yahoo group may have one.


I know that I've tried to start a list on several occasions and it was quite futile since it truly is most things you have on hand. It was hard to complete the list as I kept trying to figure out where I would stop at basic supplies and what would or would not be added to the list. Almost everything is basic items.


You will need index cards, masking tape, glue, flour, water and salt to make clay or just have some clay on hand, basic paint and markers. If I remember, perhaps food coloring, wax paper, toothpicks, baggies, but I can't even remember if that's for Preparing. Construction paper, tape. There is very few odd items, not even hardly any empty bottles or containers are needed.


I live in the boonies and I didn't have to run for any supplies, unless it was food. A once over of the next week, the previous week is sufficient as long as you have the above mentioned on hand.


You also have to be careful of the lists, as I know that CTC has several and it shows things unneeded for the program as written.

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