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Foreign Language studies in the Grammar Stage

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My DS is 8. We are about to start our 3rd year homeschooling. 1st year he did Rosetta Stone Spanish. He did it, but didn't love it. 2nd year he studied Latin in a co-op setting. Teacher was awesome, but even she didn't like the book they used. Now DS says he wants to drop Latin [i was thinking about getting Lively Latin or another friend loaned me "Getting Started with Latin"]. I told him--truthfully--that I don't really care if he drops Latin [we'll still study it some indirectly though MCT LA], but that I do want him to study A foreign language. My thinking is that he has plenty of time to pick a language and browsing them at this age is a good way to decide which he'd like to pick long-term. I figure by about the middle school years, he should decide on a language he'd like to study in-depth.


If he does choose to drop Latin, I was thinking about trying him on Chinese. We're planning a trip to Taiwan next spring, so it seems like a good time. I have Rosetta Stone Chinese [that I bought for myself, but haven't been rigorous about using], but it's not the most exciting way to learn a language, is it? I think part of the problem to date has just been the dull instruction [as I said, his Latin teacher is EXCELLENT, just my son didn't like the book].


I read my younger DS a Kai Lan book last night. It seems like it's geared to younger kids. Is there anything like Kai Lan that would help my 8yo learn a little Chinese? Something both my 3yo and the 8yo could enjoy together?

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Hi Mama_Rana, I think there are similar posts on the Bilingual Board. Discover Chinese is popular, and there are some other resources (Mango?).


If it is your first exposure to Chinese, then a native tutor/speaker who can work with your dc to get the right tones is extremely important.


Also are there any families in your neighborhood you could meet for Chinese playdates?

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