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First Language Lessons Placement


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Hello Ladies!

We did FLL 1 and part of two for 1st grade. She wasn't ready for 3, and I assumed I would put her in Rod and Staff in 4th grade (what I did with her sister). Instead, we did part of Primary Language Lessons, and Rod and Staff for 2nd. Then, for 3rd, we did BJU. DD learned and retained absolutely nothing and has a loathing for R&S that has made me realize we shouldn't try it at all. So, I'm going to put her in FLL, but I need to know if she should be in 3 or 4. I was going to put her in 3, but I saw 4 at Barnes and Noble today and now I'm not sure where I should place her.




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So, she's a fourth grader this fall? With that much previous exposure I'd go with the 4. Even if it seems like there's no retention in there, going over it again will wake up more than you expect.


Also, I wouldn't base her success with R&S over her reaction to the 2 book. It seems to stand alone with it's own flavor.

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We didn't move through L4 as quickly as before - there's just MORE in that level! And I adored the content, so we just kept it up when 5th grade rolled around and finished it mid-year. It was just right for that age/grade, but not easy by any means. There's tons of ramping-in review, as I recall, so I wouldn't worry about her not have the right "prerequisites", but I don't think I'd ever put a younger kiddo in L4, since it gets pretty meaty. Just make sure she memorizes definitions of parts of speech, and lists like the prepositions, along the way. There is some of of that in FLL 1/2 and 3, but it gets more necessary and "serious" in 4, so if she doesn't have them memorized already, just take your time on those sections and get it done. Diagramming will be a piece of cake, in that case!


FLL4 has been one of my favorite curriulums ever! Does that sound weird?? It's very concise, and *I* personally relearned all that great stuff and feel like I have a handle on somethnig I never did as a child. Good stuff! :-)


HTH andGL!

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