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Help!!! How big of a jump is Saxon Algebra I? (x-post)

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School wants to place ds into Saxon Algebra I based on his test results:eek:


DS is very smart in math and in general. However, we have not covered dividing fractions, division with a decimal divisor, or multiplying with two decimal factors yet to name a few. He does catch on very easy and loves watching Khan Academy math and algebra videos. We whizzed through CLE Math 400 in about 3 months. He is finishing up 4th grade.


I am wondering if Saxon Algebra I reviews any of the pre-algebra stuff found in Saxon 8/7. I am wondering if it will be too much of a jump. I do not want ds to spend hours every night on math since school itself will be a huge transition. An hour a night on math would be ok as long as he still has free time.


Any thoughts?

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I actually REMEMBER this from my own schooling! There is a lot of review involved. Algebra 1 is really very easy, and I wouldn't worry about him making it. I went from 6th grade Saxon math in 6th grade to Algebra 1 in 7th grade and did great. It's cake. Especially if he is good at math. Let him be confident. He tested well enough already! ;)


(I'm freaking out that I remember this so vividly. :lol: )

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