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Does anyone here have a Sedona dehydrator??

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I'm really getting into preserving my own food. I love canning and I really want to love dehydrating my own spices and making kale chips, etc. but I think I HATE this dehydrator and the time I have to return it to Amazon is rapidly approaching.


It took me two DAYS to dehydrate cherries and I wans't looking for "crisp" - I was looking for a reasonable approximation of dried. It took two days to get there and in the meantime, because I had to keep checking it and didn't want to overhydrate, the fruit flies moved in. Yuck.


I was running the central air during the cherry attempt and DH likes the house at 68!! So I can't blame it on humidity.


The temperature on this machine only goes up to 155. I cranked it to that from 110 on the second day because I think it would have taken me a WEEK to get a cherry to wrinkle at 110.


My oven only goes down to 200. I'm ticked because I'd really like to make kale chips but I can't!! Argh.

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