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Publisher question - dd needs comprehension books

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My 13 yo dd needs comprehenion activity books for grades 5, 6, 7, 8. She's a rising 8th grader, but her annual test revealed she iis reading way below her level which resulted in weak vocabulary and weak reading passage comprehension.


I agree with the tester and am doing the following.


Allowing her to read classic books in upper 5th through 6th grade thiis summer. She may continue to read her other books for fun, but she must start reading meatier books at all of these levels. Then, this fall I'll promote her to 7th and 8th grade level classics. By the end of the year I'd like to introduce 9th grade classics and continue on from there.


To help with her passage comprehension I'm trying to find good comprehension activity books to complete after she reads the book.


I need short passages for now....1/2 page or so. No more than 10 questions. Would like a variety of questions - fill in blank, multiple choice, short sentence, etc. Stories can be faith-based as well as secular. If secular, I would prefer that they are not too off the wall in content.


At a local homeschool bookstore I found the following publishers, but not the riight grade level. Have you heard of these? What is your opinion of them? Also, how are they laid out?


Logos School Publishers

Common Sense Press

Teacher Created Materials

Educational Impressions


Novel Units

Veritas Press


Evan Moore - don't know if he publishes one

Steck-Vaughn - again, don't know if one exists



Will put on curriculum board, but really wanted to try here too.


SEND ME YOUR INPUT!!! :bigear::bigear::bigear:



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