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A.C. Moore Teacher Discounts

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The A.C. Moore website reads:


A.C. Moore is proud to offer teachers 15% off your


As of March 2012, you no longer need a TEACHER’S Discount Card.


To receive your
15% discount
, simply present your A.C. Moore Rewards Card along with one of the following credentials at checkout:


Teacher Union Card

State Issued Teaching Certificate

Home School Affidavit or

IHIP approval letter from School District or your state

Home Schooling Certificate

State Issued Preschool/Daycare Facility Certificate/License

However, I do not have any of these documents (Home School Affidavit, IHIP Approval Letter, or Home Schooling Certificate). In my state I do not file anything with the state and I do not receive any type of documentation back from them, except for a letter to my local school district that I intend to homeschool and I get a response letter from them that they've removed my child from their school rolls.


I am waiting for a call back from A.C. Moore customer service, but was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and what you used to prove your homeschooling teacher status?

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