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High school credits...

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How do colleges look at transcripts if each school (public, private, homeschool, etc) has a different number of credits?


Not sure if that makes sense. :tongue_smilie:


I am figuring out credits for hs girl I tutor, but we will end up with more than local public school. Is that bad?

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If you don't end up with a ridiculous number of credits, it's fine. If you have a lot more credits than the ps in your area do, then they start to wonder if you are padding your transcript.


When I was in high school, there were 7 class periods each day, so you could have a maximum of 7 credits each year. That means a maximum of 28 credits total.


My oldest had a total of 25.5 credits.


My middle will have 26 credits.

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I actually decided to do our credits in a different way than our district does, just to avoid having too many credits. Our district gives a credit for each semester of a class, instead of one credit per year for a class. They require 40-48 credits, depending on graduating year. Luckily, we don't have to go by what the district does. We've chosen to give 1 credit per course, half credit if only a semester long course (like Gov. or Econ.).

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Thanks. I am trying to figure out some of the extras we do because of going year round. The girl I am tutoring is doing a full American history and full World history course. That will put her one extra history credit going back her senior year.


Just trying to figure out if I can even do that. :lol:


Don't want to rip her off of her hard work.

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