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How shall we prepare for PSAT if we are treating it like a "practice" SAT (m)

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I don't expect any scholarships from our PSAT scores. I want to prepare, tho I don't want to (timewise, moneywise) go overboard. How shall we prepare?


Last year, 11th gr dtr took the PSAT with virtually no practice and her scores were ok, but lower then I think they could be. OTOH, we raced thru the practice booklet they gave us in 2-3 days and my dtr (at that point, in late Sept) had forgotten all the Algebra 1 that she had learned hte previous year - and her score showed that. (This year I'll have 9th and 11th gr dtrs taking the PSAT in Oct.)


The main reason I have them take the test is as practice for the SAT test (I think the PSAT is only $10-15 and that seems like a bargain for the experience of going to a new environment, sitting down for the test, the strict proctoring, etc.)


So, what is a "reasonable" amt of time to prepare for the PSAT? I am esp. interested in your ideas if you are not hoping for scholarships or top of the line scores.


Am I wrong (or misguided) to take preparation lightly. I do intend for dtrs to prepare more thoroughly for hte SATs when those test times arrive.


Let me know your thoughts please! I always learn so much here on these boards.


Lisaj - posts as 74Heaven, hsing 5

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We used Barrons' PSAT Study Guide, but I think I may invest in this one by Rocket Review Revolution. It's $27.00, and I've read really good reviews about that guide on these boards.


We simply incorporated some PSAT test practice every day into our school day. I had my oldest work through one portion (i.e., critical reading or math or whatever) daily for about 4 weeks prior to the test in October. I didn't have her do this every day; I think it turned out to be about 4 days a week. So, the study time took approximately 1/2 hour per day.


I think this was very helpful for her to become familiar with the layout of the test and other test-taking skills.


When it comes time for your dc to take the SAT, you might consider investing in Chalkdust's SAT Math Review, which is supposed to be excellent for reviewing your dc's math before taking the actual SAT test. I bought it, even though in Missouri students tend to take the ACT rather than the SAT.



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So are you saying that the Barron's has sections that are doable in 30 min each? That sounds workable.


This sounds like a silly question, but the PSAT (& SAT) prep books look big and thick. Did your dtr finish the Barron's book you bought?


Thanks - Lisaj


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the book; we probably ended up going through about 2 full PSAT tests, doing just one section a day, 4 times a week, for several weeks before the test.


I would imagine that Rocket Review Revolution would be set up the same way. Of the two texts, that's the one I've read being recommended more often on these boards.


When we did ACT prep., I used the Real ACT Prep Guide, and it also worked pretty much the same way, only the test "segments" were a bit longer, closer to an hour each (English, Math, Reading, Science). Since my oldest dislikes math, I allowed her to break up the Math test over two days (so, 30 minutes each). She still managed to do OK on the actual test.

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for just having your student take at least a full test or two before going to the PSAT. The other suggestions listed are good, too.

Since you're not looking at it for the potential of scoring in the top percentage - I'd not worry too much with necessarily doing something EVERY day, but certainly have a Saturday or two picked out on which your child sits down for a real, full-length, actual practice exam, with as little distraction as possible.


my two cents,


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