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CC tutors - is your dc in your class?

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I've tutored 2 years and had one of my children in my class each time. I think it's the CC ideal, but not a "have-to". If the director needs a tutor to fill a spot and it doesn't work best for the child, you can easily be separated. I actually liked the idea of having someone else tutor my kids for that short time. This coming year I am directing Challenge A and my dd will be in my class, but the year after that I will still do Ch A and not have either one of my kids. It's a great experience either way. My kids were both positively impacted by NOT being in my class each time, so I would do that again in a heart beat. It's not like shuttling them off to school, it's just a short 3 hours, and I love for them to get to know other loving Christian moms. If any of your kids are potentially a behavior problem, you will want to be with them. My CC campus is such a true "family" that I would be happy with any other tutor having my kiddos.

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I have tutored for 2 years, and I chose not to have my kids in my class, because my younger two have never had much instruction from others, and my dd is older and they scared me lol. if I tutor this year I hope to have my boys in my class (they will be in the same age group this year).

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