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Horse question: schedule during high summer temps & rest of year

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We have a horse and we need to pick out his feet, wash or groom him, and exercise him.


So I thought that a little while before it starts to cool off in the evening, we should wash him, then pick out his feet, then exercise him. He seems a little happier about a nervous middle-aged lady picking his feet after he's been washed (ie, cooled off). But I was wondering if doing the exercise after all that would bee too much for him? Or if it should be done before we wash him, and then the washing would be like a reward?


And if you could say what changes should be made for the winter (keeping in mind that we are also trying to fit in homeschooling), that would be great!


Thanks very much!

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I wonder if he associates washing with being done for the day?


I used to rinse my mare off after exercising to cool her and wash off the sweat.


I would be cautious about saddling a wet back. It looks like a recipe for blisters and sores.


Groom him well, maybe rinse off his legs, exercise him, then reward him for a job well done with a bath.


Have fun!

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