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Destin, FL

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Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas for vacationers in Destin? My family is going there in a few weeks, but we don't have a lot of extra money to spend. We are looking for deals and fun things to do other than spending all day every day at the beach. Thanks!

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Destin... no. Everything 'fun' is expensive. You might take a day trip to Seaside and 30A, really quaint, small town feel. I love it there. In Ft Walton you can go to Goofy Golf, it's cheaper and smaller than anything in Destin, but fun. Shopping if you like to do that in Sandestin, to the east. There are a few nature trails. What do you like to do?

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Another vote for Goofy Golf.


Also, if you are military, rent a boat (plus skis if you like that) at Eglin and boat for a day.




Drive to the Marianna caves.


Sometimes the bayous are more fun to play in that the gulf. Bring a bucket, plastic shovel, etc.


There's that science center in Fort Walton Beach -- good for a rainy day.


Long walks.


Get a condo with a decent pool.


The battleship in Mobile (day trip) and Fort Pickens near Pensacola.


Air Force museum at Eglin (say hi to my dad's name on the F104) and the Naval museum in Pensacola (much bigger) are fun.

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We like putt -putt. Nature trails sound fun. The science center looks great, too. The caves might be a bit too far away unless it rains a lot. We already have plans to visit the outlet mall. Not sure about the military museums.


Thanks for the great ideas!


What trails would you recommend?

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I've never been to the science center, but I've heard some things about it. It's a bit run down. It'll probably only take a few hours to go through it.


Trails: Turkey Creek in Niceville, Fred Gannon State Park, Eden Gardens.

There are a few trails on the Eglin reservation, but you have to buy a year permit(I think $12/ea). There's this website with NWF trails, some I didn't know about. But I think the one's I listed are the closest.


Marianna Caverns are neat, but a drive. If you do head out that way, check out Falling Waters State Park. It's in Chipley. You could probably do both in a day.

Marler Park on Okaloosa Island is our favorite bayside beach/park.

In Destin, Clement Taylor Park is a nice park and beach.

There's a huge kid's park in Niceville with a splash pad. But if you're not near there (you have to go across the bridge with a pricey toll), Destin Commons has a splash pad, but it's more for little kids.

If Pensacola is near enough, look into Ft. Barrancas. Unless you or your family is specifically interested in aviation or military history, I'd pass up the military museums. Zzzzz... The Air Armament Museum near Eglin, north of FWB is free to walk around the park with the planes, so that might be interesting to just go and look.

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