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Anyone create OPGTR notes?

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Just wondering if anyone has compiled a list of the rules listed in the book. I did not use this program with our oldest but have with the youngest and see benefits from teaching the rules as necessary to the oldest. I am selling this and the FLL to a friend and wanted to compile my list before passing along the curriculum. If you have alreaady created a list, would you be willing to share it? Thank you in advance ~

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You've probably already discovered this, but look at the back of both books.

The index in OPGTR functions very much like a list of the phonics rules taught, but perhaps a little shy of details you may want. I don't know.

At the back of my FLL there is a list of the definitions etc. taught, also.




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For some reason I did not think to Google phonics rules. Hmmmmm. When you do, there is a plethora of sites that have rules listed. Here is the link to a nice one I found.




Amazing how one can forget the resources at one's finger tips. Thanks for the replies. :)

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