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The Story of Science

Bee Happy

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Well, I used these to teach a co-op class last year, and we used the Quest Guides that go with the first two books, there were plenty of suggested activities in those. But we also supplemented with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkJXFGLWSmY when we got to the chapter on early number systems, that was a HUGE hit.


I'd be aware that the first book is a MUCH easier read than the second book, and the second book is somewhat easier than the third. We only covered the first two books in the co-op class, and I typically had the kids read 3 chapters of Aristotle Leads the Way compared to one chapter of Newton at the Center. My own family only is reading Einstein Adds a New Dimension, but I am reading it aloud to the kids, with plenty of interruptions for further discussion - particle physics if pretty bizarre stuff!! :)


It's a great series and an excellent background to high school science studies, especially for children who might not be terribly interested in science for its own sake - my DD is much more interested now when the conversation turns to anything scientific if she can place it in the narrative of history from our studies.

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