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Xpost: Honors Courses

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How have you had your child take "honors" courses within the home school? Did you use an online program? Can a course you teach at home, if you know it is honors level, be considered honors on the transcript with specific documentation?


It is frustrating knowing that our children are doing academic work above and beyond their peers, yet have not found a way to note that on transcripts. Although I know that it is the learning that is important, colleges look at transcripts along with testing results.

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I (sort of randomly) decided that if the course involved travel or the course was taken at the community college, I would mark it honours. For example, my son has a course called "Native American Studies". It involved living with Native Americans for 3 months. It was arduous, so I labelled it honours. He took Speech at the CC, so I marked that honours. I am not giving a year's credit for every semester of CC; I'm doing this instead, which I think makes more sense. I'm not going overboard with this; I'm not marking his basic how-to-use-your-computer CC course honours, and I probably won't mark his CC pre-calc 1 and pre-calc 2 honours. I have a note at the bottom of the transcript explaining why each class is honours. I think the important thing is to make sure you tell colleges what makes an honours class honours, either on the transcript itself or in the school profile or the intro letter or something.



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She did several courses through Florida Virtual School, all but two of which were honors or AP. We did not that on her transcript.


We had also planned to do our own honors-designated history and literature combo this year. I purchased the modern history syllabus from Hewitt and had planned to model her coursework on that. In the end, she didn't stay home for school this year, so I didn't end up using the materials. But I would have had no problem marking that course "honors" on the transcript since I would have been able to point anyone who asked to the Hewitt standards.


I don't think I would have felt comfortable just calling something "honors" unless she had the outside-validated courses, too.



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