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Starting a co-op using SOTW and Apologia

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I am going to start a co-op using Story of the World and Apologia? What do I need to do? How many people should I limit it to? Any advice on anything co-op related please share. My daughter who is going into 4th grade is getting stir crazy and wants more friends. We go to church 3 times a week and she is in sports but she wants to do classes with other people. I just had Grayson last July and we bought a new house so we haven't been doing any co-ops. I want a co-op that is educational not just for enrichment and social interactions . My daughter wants some classes with other people. I want her to learn with others. I have been in a few co-ops that were basically a few people doing all the work and my children didn't learn much. I was thinking of joining a TOG co-op but they are not taking anybody with children under 3 for childcare reasons.

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