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S/o New Sonlight Core issues...So, what exactly IS SL's educational philosophy??


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And does it matter greatly in how YOU use their program.


I am basically using it right now as a reading schedule and writing program. It keeps me on track, sort of. I use it a a jumping off point, and then come back when we get lost on our bunny trails. I do not use their notes, although I probably should....


I have been around so long, I used SL 6 with my oldest for 5 th grade, and then got annoyed when they sent their daughter Amy to High School. I figured, if they couldn't homeschool high school, they had no business selling a homeschool curriculum:tongue_smilie:. Well, I just read that Amy is a homeschooling mother of 4 and she has written many of the changes in the new Core programs :D. OY!!!! I feel OLD!!!



Anyway, I have seen SL go through tons of changes of the years...yet never quite settle into themselves. I am not sure if that is good or bad:confused:


So, does anyone really know their homeschool philosophy?? I thought they were quite Beechick/CM, but after working through half of Core W this year...I am not so sure.

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