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What to take into a scholarship interview?

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At every one I've sent her with a binder full of her transcripts, course descriptions, awards (including a letter from our state governor congratulating her on Distinguished Scholar status bla bla bla), resumes and photos (resumes and photos are mostly dance related .. the other imostly academic related.)


Not one single person has asked to see it. She has not felt the need to offer it during the interviews. She looks very professional and prepared walking in with her little binder, but it's been (so far) more of an emotional support LOL.


Most of the time they use her submitted essay as their starting point for asking questions. They already have that ...


I will send her to the last one with the binder again ... but I honestly don't think it would matter if the binder was empty. :D :eek:

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Do make sure that your ds has read through EVERYTING that he has sent the college. He should know what is on his transcript, what he wrote his essay about. If he submitted a book list, he should make sure that he is ready to talk about any book on it. If he submitted an extracurricular list, he should make sure to review it.


The folks interviewing hm will have studied his application materials and, if my dd's experience is at all typical, will ask 'probing' questions about them.

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