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My 2.5 yrs old just graduated from...


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ABA therapy.


He still has some speech therapy cause we like the therapist but he is not considered delayed much anymore. Just 10-15%.


He is a bright child. He is already counting forwards and backwards and my husband asked him if he had five candy and 2 dropped on the floor -how many does he have in his hand and he said 3.


I am pulling horses homeschooling my older kids and shoving information down them but with him he just wants more and more interaction and stimulation.

He loves to read books with someone. He likes to have conversations.


I have set up some montessori like activities like spooning and pouring and matching , sensory box and he has no interest. Otherwise he spends most of his time trying to annoy his older sisters by throwing things at them (like their pencils)or hitting them or stepping on their schoolwork just to get them to play and interact with him during school time. Or the other alternative get him to stare at the TV or play Angry Birds on the Kindle.


What are my other options? Peak with books? BFIAR? Something his sisters can do with him while I am working with other kids? HOD? Sonlight? Anything?

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He is kind of young for most of the preschool stuff I am familiar with. Here are ideas-


1. Train boundaries. He should learn personal boundaries (ie not to poke, touch, grab others to get attention. Rewarding that by giving him attention will really wreak havoc in a year or two as he gets bigger and more pushy and the older kids get frustrated. He should be told not to do this and then given a time out for this behavior.


2. Reading Rainbow. My kids loved this at 3, not 2, but you can have an eye on it for next year. Our library had tons of them.


3. Board books from the library. I would perhaps reward the older children in some way for them taking turns reading board books. At our library you can take stacks and stacks home!!! Teach older dc how to cuddle up, point to pictures, how to make it fun.


4. MOTH shows you how to rotate schedule so one of the older kids is always helping with the younger ones. I don't have many dc but its just an idea.


5. Water/sand play table- or just a shallow bin...play Doh.....moon sand....Lots of very special toys that he may only have during school time.


6. Timberdoodle's Core Toddler Curriculum looks awesome.

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1)yes I guess I am sort of using MOTH system except have not started wrapping him in the schedule. We switch activities about every half hour. And I make sure I can work with one kid each half hour and they rotate around.

It is a matter of finding individual work so they could be rotated around and it is not busy work and I am finding most things is busy work.

2)I agree with training him with boundaries however for some reason our ABA program said not to give time outs or punishments such as spankings. I am all confused now.

3) I agree I was just looking at the Timberdoodle stuff too.

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