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Has anyone used RC History?


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I was planning on trying to use SL with my dc this fall. It will be my first time hsing all 3. Hs oldest ds in first and used MFW. We enjoyed it and he became an excellent reader. I may use it again for my youngest . But we are Catholic and don't feel that MFW is a good fit for us in the older grades. In the fall I will have a 6th, 3rd, and K. I liked the idea of SL but was having a hard time finding a core my 2 oldest could do together. Also money is an issue since I'm buying EVERYTHING from scratch. The new changes to SL have sent me looking elsewhere. I found RC history today and I am interested. Its more affordable, most books are cheaper on Amazon as well. I was thinking of doing the economic plan then filling in from the library.Does that sound doable? We would obviously start with ancients. My 6 grader is begging to do something besides American history and my 3 grader hasn't had formal history yet so its a good place to start. My K'er loves to listen to stories so he should be happy tagging along :D Any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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