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MY ds (5) and I have been slogging through OPGTR for about 10 months. I really like the book - it is systematic and I know I'm not missing anything. However, it is getting harder and harder to keep him motivated. He whines/cries when we start working on reading. I use a white board for the lessons, play the limited amount of games it suggests etc. but he is miserable. HELP!!


We use AAS for my oldest boy (7) and we really like it. Should I mix things up and try AAR with my 5 year old? It looks like it might be a little more interactive and interesting.


Can those that have used AAR and OPGTR comment for me? We are on lesson 89 of OPGTR (so vowel combos for long vowel sounds - it is painful!!). Would AAR be a good fit.


I have looked up AAR and AAS and it looks like the letter tiles look the same on both - are they? Or would I need to buy new tiles again for AAR.



Any suggestions. He really isn't enjoying reading right now although I think he is doing pretty well ( no problem with CVC or CVCC words. O.K. with blends most times. Long vowels still stump him unless he has memorized the word or I point out the silect e or the other vowel combo)


Would love to hear what others think!



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