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Help with plan for science...adding to Apologia


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We are using Apologia Swimming Creatures this year. We really enjoy Apologia, but I'd like to alternate with some sort of Physical science (chemistry, physics, etc.) either monthly or quarterly. We are having life science burn out! I have used Noeo in the past and like it. I also used Christian Kids Explore Biology as a spine one year. I would even consider using SL Science. I like a CM style with experiments either suggested or included. I'd like to keep all the children together in content and then they can notebook or do supplemental reading at their level.


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Last year we spent some time using "Weather Forecasting for Kids." It's available at Amazon. We like it. It is written in a fun, conversational style and has projects that are do-able and interesting. You keep a weather journal, mostly recording weather data. The kids learn about weather and why it happens. They also make their own equipment for forecasting (weathervane, barometer, rain guage, etc. . .)


We didn't get too far in it because we started CC and pretty much stopped doing everything else. But we will probably pick it up again some this spring since we are no longer in CC.



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